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Sustainability at OMM INN

The breath we take, the water we drink, the food on our plate, the sun, the rain, the snow, the life source of living things, plants, animals, life forms that are part of a perfect order… we owe the nature a big “thank you” for all of it. Within this perfect balance, consumption and waste – without any regard for tomorrow – is driving us toward a dark future. Earth's resources are rapidly disappearing, and this looming extinction threatens all life. Since 1995, half of the coral found in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia has died. The Amazon Rainforest could disappear altogether within the next 35 years. By 2050, there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish, and in just four years, half of the world's population will have trouble accessing fresh water resources. The continued destruction will have irreversible consequences for the climate and living beings – in short, for the whole of nature.

We are no longer in an era where we can simply watch what is happening and read about the consequences of climate change in the newspaper. It is now a necessity to think seriously, to consider our consumption habits and their effects on the environment. There is a lot we must do to continue living within the order and generosity of nature, and to show respect for it. Even small changes, if embraced by the billions of people around the world, can lead to a significant and meaningful difference. That is why we are carrying out our sustainability policies through our “Stay in Harmony” program, and have embarked on a journey where our priority is nature. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint, use resources consciously and create as little waste as possible. Our goal is to offer a service that cares about nature, as well as to encourage our guests to adopt eco- friendly changes in their lives in order to look towards the future. You can start living in peace with nature, which is your home, immediately, just by thinking about what you can do today and taking action.

OMM INN has been certified by Green Globe for its sustainable practices

OMM INN has become the first boutique hotel in Turkey to receive the Green Globe certificate by fulfilling the criteria of the Green Globe, the global certification program established to support sustainable tourism.

OMM INN meets the conditions set by Green Globe including the training process of our employees, our policy to support local producers, waste separation, water and electricity conservation, the use of clean personal care products and of paper products made in sustainable forests instead of plastic cups, straws and packaging. At OMM INN, we prioritize nature and invite everyone to participate in protecting our planet.

OMM INN has received Single-Use Plastic Free (SUP-Free) certification with its effective implementation of no-plastic policies

Developing sustainability policies that focus on today and tomorrow, OMM INN has been certified by SUP-FREE by removing single-use plastic from all operational processes. With significant steps to produce less waste in the pursuit of a “greener planet," OMM INN invites its supply chain, stakeholders and guests to create a long-lasting change.

Stay in Harmony

Stay in Harmony

Conservation of natural resources is our driving motivation at OMM INN. By adopting nature-friendly and ethical alternatives, we are taking steps towards a sustainable world, where all living things can live freely regardless. For us, the hotel’s sustainability program “Stay in Harmony” is a testament to OMM INN's commitment to a harmonious coexistence with nature and its ecosystems. We aim to meet the needs of the present, while contributing to a better future for generations to come. We hope that these ecological measures will increase the sense of comfort, safety and pride felt by our valuable guests and team.
Stay in Harmony
Stay in Harmony
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