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The freedom to travel again fills us all with excitement, even if the dynamics look a bit different than what we’re used to. Along with this, we know our guests have new expectations regarding cleanliness and hygiene. We at OMM INN are pleased to share that we are taking the utmost precautions as we prepare for the next phase of reopening, in accordance with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s advisory conditions for a “Safe Tourism Certification”.

As always, the health and safety of our guests and team continues to be our top priority, along with OMM INN’s distinguished standards of service.

  • The regular maintenance and disinfection of guest and communal areas, production and presentation units, work and office areas, as well as water and plumbing facilities.
  • The service-flow will be readjusted to allow for social distancing regulations to be maintained at all times.
  • The regular disinfection by UVL fog machines of indoor spaces, elevators, corridors, offices and storage areas.
  • The ventilation system will not use recycled air, ensuring that all indoor atmospheres are ventilated with 100% clean air.
  • Increased hand disinfectants and informative posters in all service and production units, offices, work and guest spaces.
  • The appointment of hygiene points at the entrance of the hotel to limit the risk of external contamination.
  • Physical contact will be minimized through contactless payment and menus accessible via QR-code.
  • The continuous disinfection of elevator buttons, stairway rails, and surfaces in the lobby, reception, and communal areas.
  • Making special waste containers available for the disposal of masks, gloves, and other used materials throughout the hallways.
  • The use of “Ecolab” products as an effective and trustworthy source of hygiene and disinfection materials.
  • Floor stickers in the reception area will maintain and ensure social distancing regulations.
  • The body temperature of guests will be measured and recorded.
  • The health condition and prior travel arrangements of guests will be logged.
  • Surfaces that are exposed to contact during check-in and check-out procedures will be continuously disinfected, room cards and pens will be sterilized prior to use.
  • Masks will be provided for guests at reception when necessary or desired.
  • Receipts will be sent to guests via e-mail after their stay.
  • Rooms will be cleaned with effective chemical products and room-specific, color-coded cleaning supplies.
  • Most-contacted surfaces, such as buttons, phones, remotes, water kettles, door and window handles, and sinks, will be disinfected and deep-cleaned with extra care.
  • Rooms will be naturally aired out during cleaning and disinfected with UV devices afterwards.
  • Fabrics will be washed at 60 degrees or higher according to certification conditions and transported to rooms via a hygienic chain-flow and outfitted with the same care.
  • All persons entering the hotel from supply or subcontractor companies will go through a body-temperature check and recording.
  • Approved suppliers will commit to “product quality and hygiene”, all approved packaged products will be re-disinfected while entering the hotel.
  • Products will go through a control process before entering the kitchen and placed on clean equipment via a safe supply chain.
  • Food and drink units will follow the hygiene standards outlined by the “Safe Tourism Certification” to the letter.
  • All food and drink production will be in accordance with food safety standards and legal directives, ensured by in-house quality control and checks.
  • Service equipment will be cleaned and prepared according to certification conditions, products will be brought to guests after they have been seated.
  • All employees will begin work after a thorough health check and their health conditions will be monitored periodically.
  • Employees will go through body-temperature checks upon entering and leaving the building, and these checks will be recorded.
  • Employees will be outfitted with protective gear such as masks, face protectors and the like in working areas.
  • Annual training programs will be revised as necessary and revised training programs will be offered periodically.